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[16 Aug 2005|12:57pm]
Yes yes, I've lost my mobile phone.
Very inconvenient timing!
There are people I need to contact, but cant! :(


1: I'm having my going away drinks at the velvet lounge this Thursday. From 9:30 or so , I guess. Greg's project: Jasmin Loop Control will be playing.
Please come along if you want!

2: As I can't msg anyone...
Email is going to help me instead.
So if you are reading this,
please send me an email. I want to have everyone's email.
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public announcement. [12 Aug 2005|11:15am]
[ mood | stomach up here somewhere ]

by the way, its my last gig with trashband tonight,...
its on at the hydey,... we'll be playing at 11pm.

Also on will be: "Soul of Condemned Ape", including James, at 8pm.
and some other bands....

i think also, I'm not really going to have a going away party because I am lazy and busy. also I hate goodbyes. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello!... hello hello!... oh no!!!

instead, I'm just going to go the the velvet lounge next thursday night (18th August) and see "Jasmin Loop Control", Dr Greg's awesome new music project.

If you would like to see me before I go,... come along. Or I'll see you around next June!

Seriously, if anyone wants to come and stay with me while I am over there, I will have space!... and I will be able to show you around at night and on the weekends as soon as I can figure it out myself.
I've just found an apartment 30/40 minutes out of central tokyo. thankgod , because it was almost looking like I was gonna be sleeping under "the japan times" on a bench in someone's garden.

hopefully *Crispin* and *Janelle* (save your pennies!) will come over next April, and then to New York, ... and I want to fly over the grand canyon.

I'm thinking of more uni when I get back,... and a big inter-disciplinary project.
and lots of fresh air.



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8 days [11 Aug 2005|10:25pm]

I will live somewhere near here.

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Please email me at
with your postal address.
If you would like postcards or other stuff.

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Leo Birthday Times! [02 Aug 2005|12:11pm]

Date: Wednesday 3rd August.
Time: From 8pm.
Place: Rosemount Hotel, North Perth.
Bands: Elemental, Radarmaker, Thread, Chrism + Fenris.
Why?: BJ's birthday (6th August), My 22nd birthday (3rd August).
Stuff: Cones + Kilkennys.
Cost: 4 bucks or 6 bucks to enter competition to win art by BJ, Radam, or myself.

2: Did anyone see the picture of the girl wearing only a bra at "Celebrity" Metro Perth, in the social pages of X-press last week?

- ginger, cinnamon, dandelion tea, chai tea, salmon, tuna, almonds, walnuts, macadamias, ginger covered in chocolate, really dark bread with shitloads of grains/seeds in it, porridge, mangoes, avocadoes, guacamole, burritos, spaghetti marinara, sashimi, sushi, vietnamese kway teoh seafood noodles, gado gado from the tamarind on scarborough beach road, bananas, pears, nashi pears, yoghurt, banana cake, banana and walnut cake, "not-bacon", tofu, miso soup, chawanprash(sp?), vegetarian rice paper rolls.
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updation [29 Jul 2005|08:43am]

next wednesday I'll be 22!... BJ's putting on a gig at the Rosemount - it's her birthday too on the 6th August. Playing will be... some dudes who play music with vintage computers, Chrism and Fenris,... also Thread, Radarmaker and Elemental. Entry's 4 bucks, or 6 bucks if you want to enter the competition to win art... BJ's putting in two of her paintings, and I think I'll put in 2 of mine when I can decide which ones,... also Radam will as well. Come along for Leo birthday fun.


err, I am leaving the country in 21 days. apart from being 12% stressed, 60% nervous, 110% sad and 200% underprepared I also feel 5% excited,... and I have to remember the reasons why I am going - to learn more about everything, be more confident, get an awesomely (hard but character building) work experience. i am still annoyed at myself for not applying for the JET programme in time, as RockenRonny and Richy are both going over with them,... to much more beautiful places, for much more pay for less hours worked, and awesome huge accomodation for like $AU100-250 per month. I'll be paying $AU700ish per month for a tiny room without my own toilet, shower or kitchen(will be shared:(, in a pretty boring suburban area, working in basically the same job but with longer hours for less pay and without much company support. I am a bit stupid like that because these things are huge differences in a foreign country. I love the advice from my Japanese colleagues - "It can't be helped". They like saying that a lot about these sorts of things. And anyway, as Bill Hicks says: "life,... it's just a ride",... so *deep breath relax*, and further still, JET is open for aussies up to 40 years old so I've got another 18/17 years if I want to have some awesome work conditions later and by then I'll be so stupidly experienced I'll have no troubles!
And anyway, looking at the positives, my contract is only between September and March,... which is good because I don't know if I would want to commit to a whole year. Also I'll be 30/40 minutes out of central Tokyo. If anyone is interested in seeing Tokyo between September and March, you are more than welcome to come crash my accomodation because I'm sure I'll be happier than ever to see a familiar face!... I really like Japanese people, they are mostly lovely as far as I have encountered, but it can be very tiring talking to them all day!... I'll see Janelle sometimes after work and speak at a million miles per hour just because I can and still be understood. I will miss you Janelle!... also Twenty - she is very cute,.. and everyone who I've become closer to especially over the last year/couple of years. And of course Crispin!...who I will miss in a million ways.
How did I manage to meet so many awesome people within the space of just a few years? I guess I was much more of a loner before that and didn't care so much about it,... but now I have what I always wanted - (friends who have become family),... strange it never felt like my original family were friends. ...
I guess one good thing about travel is it will remind me what's important, and I'm pretty sure I have an idea what that is in life,...

All in all I just take a deep breath and remember a few things, and its ok.


though I am severely under-prepared and have a serious amount of things to do!...


see you wednesday!
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found: quantity of sheep - cd/dvd launch as part of Revelation Film Fest [03 Jul 2005|03:05pm]
as you may or may not know, Found:Quantity of Sheep
are putting on a CD/DVD launch next thursday night at luna.
video clips have been created for all of the tracks on
the release, which will all be screened together at
luna leederville on big screen. there is also a little
piece of mine in there starring the mysterious
Ai-Ling Truong!

..7th JULY 2005, luna leederville @ 7pm, $10..

after party from 8.30pm [upstairs leederville hotel]
feat. snowman, schvendes, the stickfigures, radarmaker.
$10 entry or $5 with film ticket.
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hmmmmmmmmmmm ? ^_^ [25 Jun 2005|09:17am]
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i think i might go check it out, you should come along and see if they are really miniature horses!? [21 Jun 2005|01:03pm]
a solstice event with seven guide horses from uqbar*
Breadbox Gallery
June 21 5.07 pm (sunset) – June 22 6.56 am (sunrise)
Artrage Presents

Domenico de Clario's
a solstice event with seven guide horses from uqbar*

During the longest night of the year internationally celebrated
artist Domenico de Clarios will inhabit the Breadbox Gallery and
perform blindfolded on his keyboard as seven miniature horses
are guided around him.

Domenico de Clario will transform the Breadbox gallery
into a hay-haven for seven horses as he celebrates
the winter solstice. De Clario’s performances are legendary
and his celebration of the solstice is a personal fascination
that has seen him perform during solstices in New York
galleries and on Herring Island.

The Breadbox gallery, celebrating its third year of producing
and presenting works by experimental and emerging artists,
will become De Clario’s sanctuary for an evening as the
winter solstice passes and his
keyboard continuously murmurs.

a solstice event with seven guide horses from uqbar*
Breadbox gallery
233 James St Northbridge
June 21 – June 22
5.07 pm (sunset) until 6.56 am (sunrise)
Full Moon: 2.26am June 22
Solstice Apogee 1.01 am June 22
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last night she said [19 Jun 2005|05:18pm]

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worlds biggest bra [30 May 2005|08:56am]
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fce links for print [21 May 2005|09:54am]
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stolen from turtledan - did you take these photo's? they're awesome! [20 May 2005|04:10pm]
bunbury storm

more at:
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gotta love a cheesey love quiz! [12 May 2005|09:33pm]
[ mood | the for carnation ]

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cheers alex - i might just join you down there! [12 May 2005|09:23pm]

BuzzMob is back!

In October 2004 the Hay Street Mall went footloose for 5 fantastic minutes as we returned to the 80s. Its time to bring the dancing back to the streets with our first BuzzMob for 2005 - dedicated to those poor souls ‘working hard for the money’! For maximum joy, please follow these instructions carefully:
Oh, the sweet sweet madness that is the FlashMob. Everyone get down.

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[30 Apr 2005|02:36am]
dear mean person:

i don't know who you are, but i don't know what pleasure you get out of cutting through the lock on a really old really shitty pushbike and riding it off into the distance. you made someone cry you big ass. she arrived at leederville station and found nothing but a lock cut through with a bolt cutter. she cried because it was about more than the bike and she was drunk.

i guess you may not have been aware that the owner of this bike can't afford any new sort of bike - even a shityhty one, and wont be riding a bike in perth for a really long long time because of you. like a really long long time.

the owner of this bike is quite sad because this bike has come to mean a lot and niow it is just gone gone gone gone gone. she really enjoyed riding down hills without pedalkling. she really enjoyed pedalling without destination. she liked pedalling who knows where. the inconvenience of its absence will be irritating. all she have is a severed chain.

goodbye bike, and goodbye that special feeling.:(

her car is also dying.

all this dying. she will be leaving in t minus approx 2 months so maybe oneday she will forget this on the shinkansen but now she is just sad. about a bike. boo hoo.

that is all and good night.

p.s you suck
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new addiction: [28 Apr 2005|07:36am]
[ mood | hungry ]


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beards [25 Apr 2005|08:57pm]
world beard championships:

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[05 Apr 2005|02:04pm]
yesterday i managed to leave my wallet on the train station seat - realising this fact as my train departed from the station. oh my pretty little wallet gone!

but thanks bendog, it was rescued!

yay bendog:)

lucky day.!

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random images for the end of march. [24 Mar 2005|10:20am]
[ mood | hungry ]

more images for the day (some are large, be warned):

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btw - fun party Jeni + Janelle! [14 Mar 2005|08:56pm]

More from Jeni and Janelle's Housewarmer - Pics cross posted from Janelle's journalCollapse )
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